Chinese Digital

Unparalleled reach to an untapped market

Reach millions of Chinese consumers in Canada, the United States and China

Glacier’s Chinese Digital Marketing division – Eastward Media – offers unparalleled digital reach into the North American-based Chinese Audience. Our mission is to help businesses successfully engage Chinese consumers through data-driven digital marketing.

Consumer behaviour insights with big data and cultural fluency

When it comes to recruiting the Chinese consumer, Eastward Media is an expert. Our digital media solutions and targeting systems place your brands in front of interested Chinese buyers.


We have the ability to serve ads on the websites that Chinese audiences in Canada and the United States are visiting, and deliver powerful top-funnel impact for our clients.

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Chinese Digital


Chinese Programmatic Advertising

Utilizing a proprietary Chinese media inventory, our programmatic platform engages Chinese web users based on their recently demonstrated shopping interests and behaviours.


Social Media Marketing

Work with us to create a globally visible commercial WeChat presence for your brand, and interact with the world’s largest Chinese social community.


Search Engine Marketing

Recruit in-market Chinese consumers across North America and China with China’s largest search engine paid search.


Chinese Creative Design Services

Draw attention to your business with culturally fluent Chinese marketing and branding materials.


Go-to-China Consulting

Our extensive Chinese media network, cross-country distribution channels and market familiarity can propel your business to the next level.


Integrated Marketing Management

Digital marketing management services that help you stay ahead of your competitors.

  • Programmatic Advertising
  • WeChat / Weibo
  • Baidu Search Engine Marketing
  • Asset Development
  • International Campaigns
  • End-to-End Marketing

Be seen by the right audience at every point of the real estate cycle

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