Global Watch Co.

Case Study


The Global Watch Company (GWC) is one of Vancouver’s leading watch and jewellery retailers, specializing in haute horlogerie and rare luxury diamonds. GWC takes particular pride in being the only retailer in Vancouver that owns and operates boutiques dedicated to Rolex and Chopard brands.


GMD designed and developed a new mobile-responsive website with improved user-experience and to refresh the company’s primary online footprint.

Design Strategy

With newly minted luxury boutique storefronts being launched, it was time to revamp the Global Watch Company website to match. GMD worked closely with the company’s in-house marketing delegates as well as Rolex Canada brand managers to design a crisp and modern look. We integrated Rolex’s proprietary catalogue system, added lead-gen conversion opportunities, and incorporated a press section to enhance organic SEO.

Marketing Strategy

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Services Provided

+ Website Design & Development

+ Digital Brand Development

+ Print Advertising

+ Website Maintenance


All of Global Watch Company’s marketing initiatives – whether it be PR, online, or offline – are now anchored by a fully functional and mobile-responsive website. GMD user-interaction designers refined the website experience for ease of use and delivered functionality in the appropriate areas, such as a global user-activated appointment request form. Throughout the development of this project, the design team also expanded the company’s digital style guide, providing for its forthcoming digital brand extension opportunities.