Resort Quest Whistler

Case Study


ResortQuest Whistler is the leading supplier of luxury accommodation rentals in the mountain resort of Whistler, BC. This campaign is designed to build awareness among new prospects and drive bookings for the brand’s various locations.


While most are aware of the brilliant skiing and snowboarding, not all recognize the magnificence of its skies, which we’ve highlighted to set the tone for one’s vacation getaway no matter what the season.

Marketing Strategy

Armed with a striking visual concept, GMD created a brand awareness strategy with Programmatic Display to drive new qualified visitors to the Landing Page. User interest is tracked by their next clicks, either to browse for more info about accommodation details or to review booking availability. Site visitors are pulled back through a retargeting campaign.

Marketing Strategy

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Services Provided

+ Campaign Design

+ Mobile-responsive Landing Page

+ Programmatic Display Advertising

+ Analytics & Reporting



ad impressions delivered over 3 months


Percentage of new visitor traffic driven by campaign


display click-through conversions over 3 months

GMD’s brand awareness campaigns for Resort Quest are designed to tap into our desire for the what Whistler is best known for – it’s majestic mountainscape and extraordinary skies – with a clear user path for introducing prospects to the brand. The programmatic ad campaign drove 86% of new visitors to the site, while retargeted visitors spent 110% more time engaged on the page and were more likely to complete goal conversions.