World Class Wild



With the success of a previous tourism campaign promoting the Canadian Rockies, we were commissioned by Destination Canada and Fairmont Hotels to build a whole new tourism concept to promote the Canadian West Coast with an emphasis on culinary and cultural experiences which are unique to the region. The campaign targeted 9 major U.S. markets to drive destination awareness as well as brand exposure for all campaign partners.


Working closely with Fairmont’s coastal group of hotels, we developed a concept that enabled us to promote each hotel’s unique menu programs and concierge services, as well as highlighting exceptional cultural activities and cultural events through each hotel’s regional partnerships.

Marketing Strategy

Branding for World Class Wild enabled Fairmont to have a distinct voice in all aspects of their campaign, from website design to HTML5 Ads. Highly culinarily focused in our use of images, we positioned Fairmont properties as the gateway to unique experiences and a world class destination.

Services Provided

→ Brand Development
→ Campaign Strategy
→ Communications Planning
→ Website Design & Development
→ Programmatic Advertising
→ HTML5 Ad Design
→ SEO, Analytics, Reporting
→ Social Media Marketing Influencer Marketing
→ Paid Search Marketing
→ Production Management



Programmatic Display Clicks


Adword Impressions


Total Website Traffic

The World Class Wild brand is positioned as a content/concierge brand which may be a driving factor in targeting users for impressions based on their broad search, contextual, and behavioural interests. All of the top 5 ad sets for click-through rates are distinctly desktop units. This suggests that while mobile impressions are on the rise (according to analytics), users may be more comfortable engaging in conversion behaviour while using desktop computers.